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Roadbar-Stem Unit RBSU350 4200x100mm

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Storck road bike handlebars impress with optimized geometry and combine maximum stiffness, low weight and optimum comfort. The drop angles consider the anatomy oft he hand and wrist. In the drop position, the lower Arms do not collide with the reach bar and a wider hand support relieves the strain on the hands. The carbon fiber handlebars have been developed and produced using HFX (Hysterisis-Flex) technology. As a result, they offer particularly positive physical and user-friendly properties. The Storck roadbike handlebars in a nutshell: a very neat and uncluttered look and good aerodynamics thanks to „Concealed Cable Routing“.

Material: Carbonfiber

Design: comfort

Length & Width: 100/420mm

Reach & Drop: 128mm/84mm

Style: matt finish

Weight: from 350 grams

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