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Gravelbar Carbon GRX190 matt

The Carbon Gravel handlebar GRX190 was designed especially for the needs of our "Gravelers". The ergonomic shape of the handlebars makes it easy and comfortable to grip and relieves the strain on the wrists. The handlebars are sporty on the one hand, but they can also be used to master any rough downhill.

GRX190 - comfort and control at the highest level!

Further information and details:
• Material: carbon fiber
• Design: comfort
• Clamping Ø: 31,8 mm
• Reach: 65 mm / Drop: 120 mm
• Flare: 6°
• Color: matte black

Available Wide:
• 400mm
• 420mm
• 440mm
• 460mm
Gravelbar Carbon GRX190 400mm c/c mattWide:400mm
Delivery 2-3 days
229,00 € */pcs.
Gravelbar Carbon GRX190 420mm c/c mattWide:420mm
Delivery 2-3 days
229,00 € */pcs.
Gravelbar Carbon GRX190 440mm c/c mattWide:440mm
Delivery 2-3 days
229,00 € */pcs.
Gravelbar Carbon GRX190 460mm c/c mattWide:460mm
Delivery 2-3 days
229,00 € */pcs.
* incl. 19% VAT
plus shipping and handling

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