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e:drenalin.2 GTS Allmountain from 7.999 €

The e:drenalin.2 provides an even more intensive riding experience. With the latest technology from Shimano and a systematically newly developed carbon frame, the bike offers everything an all-mountain bike must be able to do. As a platform, the frame forms the basis for Storck's first 29" bike that rolls through any terrain without any problems - but also for the popular hybrid version with 29" in front and 27.5" in the back for greater agility. The even stiffer frame places the shock vertically, making the bike an excellent all-rounder in combination with the Fox 36 fork. The Shimano EP8 engine with 85 Nm - optimized among other things in performance, weight and size - completes the unique overall picture of the e:drenalin.2 The choice of the 504 Wh or 630 Wh battery also creates even greater freedom in terms of range.