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Fullsuspension - Adrenic from 3.899 €

High-quality and above all innovative fullies (full-suspension bikes) are typical for Storck. The Adrenalin as an aluminum bike and subsequently as a carbon version and particularly the Organic, the world’s first full-carbon full-suspension bike at the time, set standards. The Organic back then surprised with recoilless and effective virtual four-bar linkage technology, a technology approach followed in today’s Adrenic models as well. It goes without saying that stiffness, weight and design of Storck fullies are at the highest level. The bold “Frosted Pepper” paint accompanies a full-suspension carbon frame with high-grade technology features. As in the Platinum version, the virtual four-bar linkage technology ensures precise response and reaction-free suspension characteristics. “Directional Depending Stiffness,” “Optional Direct Mount” and “Torque Free Axles” are found on the Adrenic Pro as well, making it an agile trail and CC bike with 120-mm suspension travel and 27.5” wheels. Adrenic – traditional top technology paired with striking beauty. weight ( frameset excl. shock) from 2000g
3.899,00 € / pcs. incl. 19% VAT. Plus shipping and handling
5.299,00 € / pcs. incl. 19% VAT. Plus shipping and handling