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New Shimano Groupsets on our Bikes

The new Shimano Dura-Ace DI2.

"For those who never compromise. No compromise. "The Dura Ace stands for perfection." To come as close as possible to this goal, the new Dura Ace (R9200) is only available as Di2! The ergonomics of the shift / brake lever has been adapted and the shift buttons are slightly larger, are more clearly separated from each other - thus more accurately operable. Shift commands are now transmitted wireless from the STI lever. Front derailleur and rear derailleur will be supplied with power from a central battery in the future, so do not come completely wireless. Otherwise, a large part of the cables are omitted: the radio transmitter (ANT+ and Bluetooth) sits in the rear derailleur, which it is now only in a cage length to have and all available cassettes (11-28, 11-30, 11-34) serves. And also the new 12-speed sprocket package fits all wheels with Shimano 11-speed freewheel body.

Shimano promises "absolute reliability" as well as a "massively increased shifting speed". 58% faster gear changes on the rear derailleur, 45% faster on the front derailleur. The battery life remains as with the predecessor, "over 1000 kilometers". The battery is no longer charged via a separate charger, but via a USB cable with its own connector.
In addition, adjustment of typical Di2 features via the E-Tube app, are possible: shift speed, assignment of the shift buttons, shift modes (synchro and semi-synchro shift with automated front derailleur operation, as well as multi-shift to shift through any number of gears with one press of a button).

As expected, the fundamentally revised disc variant is more innovative: thanks to a new lever ratio ("Servo Wave" technology), the brake applies powerfully faster, one-piece brake bodies provide more stiffness with minimal weight, 10% more distance between pads and disc should ensure less noise. And "new" discs adopted from the MTB line-up - as usual in aluminum-steel sandwich construction - are said to be more heat-resistant than their predecessors.

New Shimano Ultegra

Parallel to the Dura Ace Shimano also presented a new Ultegra. 12-speed and as with the new Dura Ace only wireless. Except for small details the new Ultegra on a high level. The 2 x 12 is controlled by wireless and should shift just as fast, brake the discs just as powerful as the Dura Ace.

All Storck models with the new groups from Shimano:


Aerfast.4 Pro


Aerfast3 Pro


Fascenario.4 Pro


Aernario.3 Signature