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Payment Terms

Secure and convenient payment

We guarantee to you absolute security of your information with respect to any payment you make via our websites. During the data transmission process, your payment data are encrypted. This means that instead of http, https will appear in your browser bar. The “S” in HTTPS stands for “secure.” With HTTPS all transmitted data are encrypted via the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol between the connected parties and thus made inaccessible to third parties.

Easy and secure cashless payment using PayPal. PayPal guarantees secure payment to you. In our payment transaction, you will log onto PayPal and confirm your payment. Your bank details or credit card number is stored in your PayPal account and will therefore not be transmitted in the payment transaction. PayPal also offers an instalment payment. Payment by instalments is selectable during the PayPal payment process. Until 18.10.20 PayPal offers a 0% financing. 


Payment solution Payment solution
We also offer our customers the option to pay by MasterCard or VISA. When placing your order, please enter your credit card number, card security code and expiration date. The amount of the invoice will be charged to your credit card account at the time of delivery.



We will send you a confirmation requesting you to transfer the amount to following bank account:

Sparkasse Tauberfranken
Bank code 67352565 · Account no. 2259604
IBAN: DE33673525650002259604