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Elite Cycling Colombia

Pleasant temperatures even in heights of far more than 2.000 meters, splendidly constructed roads and a breathtaking beautiful nature makes Colombia to one of the worldwide best training territories for roadbikers. With Elite Cycling Colombia you get to know this roadbikers paradise from the best side. Needless to say you will experience this fantastic region on premium rental bikes from Storck. 

Colombian roadbikers like Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán, Esteban Chaves, Sergio Henao and Sebastián Henao, Carlos Betancur, Winner Anacona, Jarlinson Pantano, Fernando Gaviria or Darwin Atapuma already established their reputation and barely any other country generates so many and such high-class climbing talents like colombia does. Why is that so? Find out for yourself! 

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Zollinger Radsportreisen

„Cycling holidays on great roads, scenic beauty, professional guided and perfectly organized” that is what Zollinger Radreisen stands for. Since 2015, Zollinger Radreisen provides Storck road bikes for rent.

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Storck Road Bike weeks at Hotel Lindenhof / Naturns

It’s become a cherished tradition for recreational athletes and ex-pros to meet up for joint road biking weeks at the South Tyrolean Bike Hotel Lindenhof each spring. Presentations at night, guided tours, and the exchange of experiences centered on biking make these weeks a unique experience for all the participants. The start to a new spring season is particularly enjoyable and effective when accompanied by seasoned cycling campaigners such as Jan Ullrich, Kai Hundertmarck, Alex Zülle, Oscar Camenzind, etc., as is the case at the Lindenhof.

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