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Raddar from 2.639 €

The best e-bike of 2010 returns with the new e:Raddar brand. E:Raddar presents the proven Storck quality in an affordable price segment in the form of two new e-bikes. The e-bikes are called erde.1 and erde.2 and are made of aluminum and continue to impress with their low weight.
E:Raddar is your partner for every day and offers a natural riding experience in everyday commuting and on leisure tours. Riding pleasure and suitability for everyday use are in the foreground. The new brand from Storck meets demands for modern cycling in urban environments. Experience the new edition of the 2010 award-winning Storck e-bikes e:Raddar Multiroad and Multitask.
The quiet and very sensitive e:Raddar motor supports erde.1 with a powerful 80 Nm and erde.2 with 60 Nm. The motor and battery are optimally integrated into the frame for an incomparable appearance. A minimalist and slim design shows modern lines of the frame geometries.
Both models can also be easily paired with smartphones via Bluetooth. During the ride, the app serves as a navigation system for a planned route and records all data, such as kilometers ridden, altitude meters, time or cadence. The app also shows the battery charge level and the remaining range, as well as the status of the motor.

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