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GRIX from 3.299 €

The GRIX is not only at home in any terrain and on any surface, it is also the ideal companion for sport, travel or the daily commute to work. Many intelligent frame features make it an all-rounder and offer space for up to 2.0" wide tyres.
Pro or Platinum? Apart from the paint finish, the difference lies in the production of the carbon frame. The Pro models use very high-quality carbon fibres. By using a lower proportion of resin in the laying of the carbon fibres, the Platinum models have an even higher quality finish.
Thanks to the variety of shifting groupsets, the GRIX is available in the Performance version with typical Gravel characteristics or in the Road Race (RR) version as a Gravel Racer. The ingenious design of the GRIX frame allows the mounting of mudguards, luggage racks and bottle holders in various positions. The lowered chainstay prevents the chain from hitting the frame and the comfortable seatpost provides reliable damping when the going gets rough.
The GRIX can do everything from an all-road to a crosser up to a bikepacking gravel bike - everything except ride slowly!

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