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Aero Racer

The Aerfast is our fastest road bike! The Storck Aero road bike models are generally produced with the highest quality carbon fibres, have the Aerfast fork optimized in the wind tunnel and a multitude of sophisticated frame features. All tubes have been consistently developed to the "Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping" standard. Full system integration, exceptional aerodynamics and power transmission as well as high rigidity and riding safety create the basis for new record times.

The Aerfast is available as a Comp, Pro or Platinum version. The Comp models are particularly beginner-friendly and offer good value for money at test winner level. The Pro line offers even more: outstanding, special paintwork, an even higher quality carbon finish and super equipment, which results in a lower overall weight compared to the Comp line. The exclusive Platinum line goes one better. It means high-end and lightweight construction. It is manufactured using only the highest quality carbon fibers and equipped with outstanding components. Our Platinum models are also characterized by a minimalist and elegant glaze (paint finish).

The Aerfast.4 is a further development of its predecessor model. The fork and cockpit in particular have been optimized to achieve even better aerodynamics and speed. You can find detailed information under the Aerfast tile on the home page.

The Aerfast.4 Comp and Pro models have already been tested by Tour magazine and made it into the top 3 fastest road bikes ever tested by Tour. The Aerfast is also competition-proven: our Storck Metropolcycling team competes in national and international races with the Aerfast.4 Pro. Without exception, the riders are enthusiastic about the enormous speed of the bike.

Aerfast - aerodynamic, light and comfortable at the same time. FAST. SUPERFAST. AERFAST.

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