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Crash Replacement

Storck Rebel Nine Platinum Details

The purchase of a Storck frameset is an investment in engineering and the finest craftsmanship. Our belief in getting the best out of the materials we use and our commitment to ensuring your full satisfaction, the 3 Years Crash Replacement, is a very special promise that comes with every frame set:

Whether you have had an accident with your bike or the frame (and possibly the fork) has been damaged in any other way, without your own fault, so that it is no longer drivable, you get the same or an equivalent Storck aluminum or carbon frame at a price of 70% of the recommended new price.

Please note the following conditions of crash replacement: This promise applies only to the first owner for three years from date of purchase and is not applicable to frames that have already been replaced. Any additional costs that may arise, such as assembly, shipping and any other costs are not covered. Crash Replacement is only valid within Germany. The product must be purchased from an authorized dealer in Germany. Crash Replacement does not apply to already reduced frames.

Storck Bicycle GmbH reserves the right to deliver an equivalent replacement frame in a different colour and design. The replacement frame is usually delivered without the fork (unless this must also be replaced) and headset, as these can be taken from the damaged product or replaced individually. The presence of the proof of purchase and a description of the damage, as well as the return and whereabouts of the damaged frame at Storck Bicycle are mandatory prerequisites for a crash replacement. The processing can take place via participating specialist dealers. The statutory warranty provisions remain unaffected by this promise. Crash replacement cannot be claimed if the material has been handled with gross negligence or if it has been intentionally destroyed.



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