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Aerfast.4 Red Disc from 5.999 €

The Aerfast.4 Pro is now available as a limited special edition! It is one of the fastest racing bikes in the world. Through the fundamental redevelopment of the cockpit and the fork, the racer comes to a sensational 199 watts. A fork developed in the wind tunnel and an even more aerodynamic handlebar-stem unit make the bike a super racer. The new and unique color scheme is equally bursting with speed. The fundamental difference from the Aerfast.4 Comp is, in addition to the color scheme, a higher stiffness and a lower weight thanks to an even higher quality processing of the carbon fibers. In keeping with the high-quality processing and the name of the bike, the Aerfast.4 Red Disc is available with the high-end components of the Red group from SRAM. In combination with the Storck Zeitjaeger Comp 55 R carbon wheels, the bike comes to a weight of just 7.7 kg.
5.999,00 € / pcs. incl. 19% VAT. Plus shipping and handling

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