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Aerfast.4 Comp Disc from 4.499 €

The Aerfast.4 Comp is one of the fastest road bikes in the world. It ranks at number 3 in the all-time ranking for the fastest road bikes of Tour magazine. In fact, it's the fastest road bike in the world under €5,000. The Comp variant is beginner-friendly and offers very good value for money. Due to a short head tube and a fairly long top tube, you sit low and stretched on the Aerfast, which makes the bike uncompromisingly sporty and race-oriented ride. The bike also impresses with an enormously high smoothness and yet balanced handling. The steering behavior of the Aerfast is direct and agile. Matching the first-class driving behavior, we offer the Aerfast.4 Comp with high-quality shift groups from SRAM and Shimano. In addition, among other options, our Zeitjaeger Comp carbon wheels are selectable. RennRad 6/2023: "Top aerodynamics and a sporty, stretched riding position: the new Storck Aerfast.4 is an uncompromising racing machine. The handling is agile and smooth, the equipment is of high quality. A clear race tip."

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