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10 reasons for Storck


D2C – Direct way to Storck  From manufacturer to customer, price stable and exclusive. Configured online or selected in a consultation with our stores, each bike is individually assembled, delivered or, at your option, handed over personally in one of the Storck Stores. The stores also offer a wide range of services, joint excursions and events, seat position analysis and surveying - we bring people together.

INDIVIDUALITY – Storck products are not mass-produced goods. Those who choose a Storck bike also make a statement expressing their own individuality.

GERMAN ENGINEERING - is an attribute of all Storck products – this is what we’re proud of and this is what our customers can rely on.

PIONEERING TECHNOLOGIES – our developments have always set milestones and benchmarks in the bike industry. Countless test wins have impressively confirmed this.

UNMISTAKABLE DESIGN – since 1995 Storck products have won prestigious design awards, in more than 80 competitions to date.

LONGSTANDING TRADITION – since 1995 Storck Bicycle has been a leading and important company in the bike sector, led by Markus Storck.

STRONG IMAGE – Ever since it was formed Storck Bicycle has been a company that is perceived as a high-end brand and that stands for quality, innovation and design.

STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD – Storck products have that special something. Unique, remarkable and always a little different.

SPONSORING – Storck Bicycle is a proud sponsor of various athletes and teams in road bike racing and triathlon as well as in cross and MTB racing.

THE TEAM – Storck Bicycle also stands for motivated professionals with a passion for bikes that form a strong team.

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