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Unboxing Storck

In our factory, all bikes are built individually by a trained bicycle mechanic - we have no assembly line.

After assembly, we check the quality of each bike and pack it carefully. The specially developed CompleteBox protects your bike until it arrives with you, while we try as far as possible to do without plastics and, above all, use recycled and recyclable packaging materials. Whether as a suitcase replacement or to send your bike to the next service, the CompleteBox can be reused several times.

Almost ready to drive, your Storck arrives in our CompleteBox and is ready to race in just a few easy steps!

How to do that and what tools you need for it, we show you in these videos:


Unboxing Fascenario.3
(Rim break)

Unboxing Aerfast3
(Disc break)

Valid for every bike with rim brakes and standard stem and handlebar
Valid for every bike with disc breakes and cockpit/ handlebar-stem-unit (RBSU)

Do you need help with your disc brake bike?

Then we show you again separately in this video, how you install the wheels.

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