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25 years Tour tests

25 years of Storck - 25 years of Tour Magazine test history.

2020: our anniversary year. At the same time, the bike magazine Tour looks back on 25 years of test history. To mark the occasion, we've rummaged through our archives and compiled the successes of our shared history. As expected, our bikes have almost always competed for the test victory since 1996 until today.

To be more precise, we have built the best bike of the year in 11 years and the second best bike of the year in 7 other cases. In a total of 61 Tour tests, we have secured 19 test wins, 13x first place and 13x second place (in various categories). In the school grades awarded, we had a 1 in front of the decimal point in most cases. A very special highlight was the award of the first Tour Milestone 2008 in the category complete wheels. Hereby our Fascenario 0.7 with 1,194g was honored as the "lightest frameset in the world" at that time.

These special honors drive us every day to develop the best wheels in the world to put a grin on our customers' and fans' faces every time they ride. We thank the Tour editors for our shared successes and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Our absolute top bikes are:

  • Fascenario 0.7 (2007/ 2008)
    • "Lightest frameset in the world"
    • "The biggest compliment you can pay it is that it not only looks like a full-blown road bike, it rides like one. Not a hint of compromise at the expense of function."
    • "Thanks to the suspension weight, the bike, which weighs 5.9 kilos including pedals, accelerates downright phenomenally."
  • Aernario G1 Platinum (2013)
    • "Best Frame Set 2013"
    • "Best frame ever by Tour standards with dreamlike handling characteristics"
  • Scenario Pro (2000)
    • "The best frame in tests 2000"
  • Fascenario.3 (2017)
    • "balanced construction without weaknesses, good aerodynamics
Other top rankings occupied:


  • Scenario  
  • Scenario(Comp, Pro)
  • Scenario Pro Rahmen


  • Scenario(Pro, Race, Light)
  • Power Arms Kurbeln


  • Scenario (C0.9, CD1.0)
  • Fascenario (0.7, 0.7 IS)
  • Absolutist 1.0
  • Vision Light
  • Aero1


  • Absolutist 1.0
  • Fenomalist
  • Fenomalist( Di2, G2)
  • Scenario Pro
  • Fascenario (0.7, 0.6)
  • Scentron
  • Scenero
  • Scenero G2
  • Aernario (Platinum, Disc)
  • Aernario
  • Visioner



  • Aerfast (Platinum, Pro, Comp)
  • Aernario (Platinum, Comp Disc G1, Pro G1, Pro)
  • Visioner
  • Fascenario.3 (Platinum, Pro Disc, Comp)
  • T.I.X. Platinum
  • Durnario Comp
  • Aernario.2 Comp
  • Grix Pro 105
  • Aerfast.3 Pro Disc

So all Storck owners can pedal with confidence and show off what top gear you ride at the next Group Ride with your friends.

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