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Aernario.3 Disc from 3.199 €

The Aernario.3 sets new standards among the lightweight Storck all-rounders. Completely internally routed cables and a new frame with disc brake make the bike a lightweight all-rounder. The system integration has been further developed on the basis of the Aerfast handlebar stem unit and integrated into the new Aernario.3 design. A special feature is the high-quality and super-light Military Carbon Grade Fiber, a special carbon of the Japanese military, for which we needed a separate release. The Aernario.3 starts with the Signature version at about 6.3 kg. Due to the low weight, the Aernario.3 rides correspondingly nimble, sporty and agile and is characterized by high comfort thanks to the carbon seatpost as well as the rear triangle.

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