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Fascenario.3 Pro Disc

With the Fascenario.3 Pro the success story of Storck road bike frames featuring leading-edge technology experiences an evolutionary leap. The “Advanced Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping” construction and the fork rigorously designed for aerodynamics clearly minimize aerodynamic drag. Enhanced comfort is achieved by the “Flat Section Technology” of the seat post combined with a diameter reduction of the post. On the F.3 Pro and the Disc versions, the high-grade carbon fibers complement the overall impression of a multi-talent for serious road bike racers.
Frameset Fascenario .3 Pro
Fascenario.3 Pro frame set including F.3 Pro fork, F.3 seat post Color: Glossy black/white Material frame: Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR)/Undirectional (UD)/(NTR) Material BB: Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR)/Undirectional (UD)/(NTR)...
4.399,00 € / pcs. incl. 19% VAT. Plus shipping and handling