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Bottle cage Kit Crono CX FRP Aero 500 ml

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Elite Kit Crono CX FRP Aero 500ml with STORCK logo

The kit consists of an aerodynamic bottle and a bottle cage. The positive connection via the specially designed coupling system creates an aerodynamic unit of both components, which are particularly suitable for our aero bikes.


• Aerodynamically optimised kit of bottle cage and water bottle.

• The aerodynamic properties of the kit have been improved once again.

• The new silicone valve allows the bottle to be held better with the teeth

• The drinks bottle also fits the previous models of the Crono CX

• Silicone cap with membrane valve avoids accidental leakage

• complies with the regulations of the world cycling federation UCI

• BPA-free, food-safe and dishwasher-safe up to 40°C (drinking bottle)

technical data:

• Material: fibre-reinforced plastic

• capacity: approx. 500ml

• colour: black with STORCK logo in white

• weight: approx. 63g (drinking bottle), approx. 39g (holder)

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