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Powerarms SL G2 CT

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The crank offers top stiffness values and only 360g weight, thanks to modern THM carbon fiber composite! The weight saving is achieved by the integrated, continuous carbon axle. A small Q-factor of 149mm also plays an important role, because this achieves an optimally gentle power transmission. It is suitable for compact as well as standard gear ratios.

• Auslaufware: Für die Kurbeln sind keine Ersatzteile (Schrauben, Muttern, etc.) mehr lieferbar. Weder über STORCK noch über andere Händler.

• Note: Items may have slight scratches

Further information and details:

• Carbon crank set without chain rings

• Integrated, precisely made, light & high grade alloy axle

• Compatible with every frame

• PressFit BB or BSA is possible, but not included in the scope of delivery

• Lengths: 172,5 mm

• Bolt circle: 110 mm

• Compact and standard chainrings available on request

• Color: Glossy black

• Q-factor: 149 mm

• Axle diameter: 30 mm

• Weight: approx 360 g

• Assembly note: All screws must be secured with threadlocker.

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