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e-scooter Storck:ees

Live modern and yet preserve nature. Be mobile, quiet and fast. And look stylish still. The Storck E-Scooter gives you that sense of urban freedom and eco-conscious nonchalance. Almost silently, a storck:ees brings you reliable and cool to your destination, even if this is farther than the "last mile" away. It can be easily folded together and transported in all means of traffic, has space in every office. The pneumatic-tired scooter is driven by a powerful 350 W engine and can be switched on in three levels of assistance. The 36 V lithium-ion battery in the footboard provides energy for up to 30 km (depending on driving style and topography) at top speeds of up to 20 km/h and is fully recharged in just 4-6 hours. The "accelerator" is an integrated part of the comfortable and modern designed footboard. The E-Scooter will be braked by a front drum brake and a rear disc brake, both separately and mechanically operated. An electronic cockpit informs you about battery charge level, speed and distance traveled. The smart LED lights on the handlebars and rear wheel ensure sufficient safety and visibility.

Material frame: Aluminium
Max. speed: 20 km/h
Colour: black
Speed control: Steplessly controlled food throttle – 3 support levels
Brake: Mechanical drum brake (front), mechanical disc brake (rear), electric motor brake additionally
Motor: 350 W RADDAR
Battery/Reach: 36 V Lithium-Ion-Battery, 7.8 Ah (25 – 30 km
) or 10 Ah (30 - 40 km)
Charging time: 5-7 hrs
Reach: ca. 25 – 30 km
Wheels: 10-inch air wheels
Length: ca. 108,5 cm
Width: ca. 44,5 cm
Height: ca. 118,5 cm
Height handle bar: ca. 96,5 cm
Height folded: ca. 42,5 cm (length and width folded unchanged)
LED Display: Battery charging status, speed (km/h), distance (km)
Lighting: StVZO compliant front and rear light
Stand: Kickstand
Weight: ca. 13.9 kg
User-weight: 100 kg
Age restrictions: 14 years and older
Other: Foldable
Instruction for installation: The article is completely preassembled

Falsities and changes are reserved.

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- 249.9952 €
e-scooter Storck:ees 7,8AhReach 25-30 km
In stock
799,00 €
549,00 €
- 249.9952 €
- 249.9952 €
e-scooter Storck:ees 10AhReach 30-40 km
In stock
899,00 €
649,00 €
- 249.9952 €
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