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FAQ-Delivery and assembly

How do I receive my bike, when it's ready?
  • For shipping:

    You will receive your bike completely assembled. To keep it as compact as possible for shipping, only the wheels are removed and the handlebars are loosened and screwed in. On some bikes, the seat post is also retracted or removed. Depending on the bike, operating instructions for the bike, the attachments, chargers and other small parts are included.

    If you are unsure how to assemble the bike, watch our video "Unboxing Storck":


  • Pick up at the store:

    You will receive your bike fully assembled in the store, but you can also pick it up in a box if you wish. Our colleagues in the store will also be pleased to help you stow your bike in the car. (Please make sure that you store your bike carefully and protect it with fabric or similar stowage material and do not scratch it. If you have a bike with disc brakes and you take one of the wheels out, put the appropriate transport lock in the brake.)

What is the duration of your assembly time?

Our assembly time is usually 15 - 30 days.

However, we do not guarantee this, as delivery bottlenecks or delivery problems on the part of suppliers over which we have no influence can always occur.If there is a foreseeable delay in delivery, we will inform you immediately.

What are the shipping costs?
  • Shipping costs within Germany:
    • Shipping costs of € 6.90 are charged per order. For bicycle frames, we charge €9.90 per bicycle frame. For bicycles we charge € 49.90 per bicycle.
  • Shipping costs within the EU:
    • We charge shipping costs of € 19.90 per order. For bicycle frames we charge 24,90 € per bicycle frame. For bicycles we charge 59,90 € per bicycle.

  • Shipping costs outside the EU:
    • Per order we charge shipping costs of 39,90 € (without VAT). For bicycle frames we charge 89,90 € (without VAT) per bicycle frame. For bicycles we charge 199,90 € (without VAT) per bicycle.

  • Special features e-bike shipping:
    • We only ship our e-bikes within the EU. Please note that we only offer an e-bike service in our stores in Germany. If you take your bike to another country (e.g. when moving house), we can neither send spare parts for your e-bike there nor collect your e-bike. Service is sometimes offered by the drive manufacturers abroad. You can find the relevant information on the manufacturer's website. On request, we can check whether shipping to your delivery address is possible and what the costs would be.

    • You can also find more detailed information here:
What are your regular delivery times within Germany and what are the delivery times outside Germany?

Within Germany we deliver within 3 - 5 days. Outside the EU, it can take considerably longer. You can find more detailed information here: see AGB 16. Delivery times

Where does your shipping offer go?

We deliver worldwide to the following countries (except for e-bikes)

  • AUS Australia
  • BE Belgium
  • BR Brazil
  • VGB British Virgin Islands
  • BG Bulgaria
  • RCH Chile
  • RC China, Republic of
  • DK Denmark
  • D Germany
  • EW Estonia
  • FIN Finland
  • F France
  • GR Greece
  • GB Great Britain
  • HK Hong Kong
  • IND India
  • RI Indonesia
  • IE Ireland
  • IL Israel
  • I Italy
  • J Japan
  • JOR Jordan
  • CDN Canada
  • Q Qatar
  • EAK Kenya
  • CO Colombia
  • HR Croatia
  • LV Latvia
  • FL Liechtenstein
  • LI Lithuania
  • L Luxembourg
  • M Malta
  • MEX Mexico
  • MD Moldova, Republic of
  • MC Monaco
  • MNE Montenegro
  • NZ New Zealand
  • NL Netherlands
  • WAN Nigeria
  • N Norway
  • A Austria
  • PA Panama
  • PL Poland
  • P Portugal
  • PRI Puerto Rico
  • RO Romania
  • RUS Russian Federation
  • S Sweden
  • CH Switzerland
  • SGP Singapore
  • SK Slowakei
  • SLO Slovenia
  • E  Spain
  • ZA South Africa
  • ROC Taiwan
  • CZ Czech Republic
  • TUR Turkey
  • HU Hungary
  • USA United States of America
  • UAE United Arab Emirates
  • BY Belarus
  • CY Cyprus

If your country is not listed, you are welcome to contact us and we will check whether shipping to your delivery address is possible and what the costs would be.

We do not deliver to the following countries, as we have a partner here

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